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TimeShaker iLuv Dual Alarm Clock Speaker with Bed Shaker and Lightning Dock
Item# : TimeShaker Minimum Order Quantity: 4
Brand: iLUV Run Charge Per Item($): 0
Setup Charge (V): $ 50.00

Quantity :
Unit Price :

Product Material  ABS Plastic
Product Weight   lbs
Items Per Box   0
Product Dimensions 0.00    0.00   0.00
Imprint Area Size 0.00    0.00
Available Imprint Options
Available Product Colors

*Must Order In Case Packs of 4*

If you have trouble hearing your alarm in the morning, take advantage of this unique dual alarm clock with a detachable bed shaker. The shaker fits comfortably under your pillow and vibrates to wake you every time. You'll never miss another appointment, class or meeting again.

Get Awake with a Vibrating Alarm

TimeShaker™ features a rounded bed shaker that slips under your pillow and shakes you awake at a set time. For heavy sleepers and the hard of hearing, the shaker is an added measure to help you wake up. The shaker can even be combined with an audible alarm for maximum efficiency. But the usefulness of the shaker isn't limited to the hearing impaired and deep sleepers. Couples, students and anyone else who shares a room can use the shaker to wake discreetly without disturbing their roommate.

Set Two Separate Alarms

The dual alarm function on TimeShaker™ allows you to set two separate alarms. Set one for the weekdays and another for the weekend. Or, set one for yourself and another for your partner. Each alarm can be set to a different alarm option, whether its the buzzer, radio or music from your iPod or iPhone.

Set The Time Instantly with TimeSync

While you do have the option of manually setting the time on TimeShaker™, you can set it in less than half that time by hitting the TimeSync button. The time will automatically sync to the time on your iPhone or iPod. It's simply the easiest and fastest way to set the time.

Play and Charge your Device

Fitted with a Lightning pin connector, TimeShaker™ will conveniently charge and play your Lightning pin iPhone and iPod. Listen to your favorite songs before bed and power your phone while you sleep.

Jumbo LCD Display with 10-Level Dimmer

TimeShaker™ boasts a large LCD display thats comfortable to read even from a distance. It also features a 10-level dimmer function that allows you to adjust the brightness. Keep it bright during the day and lower it in the evening so it doesn't disturb your sleep.

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